Lawless (2012)


If this movie wasn’t based on a true story, I probably would have given it a 4/10. But since it’s a movie similar to many others, Lawless had to give us something more, and that would be its attention to the 1930s details.

It’s in fact a true story, the tale of the bootlegging Bondurant brothers (played by Hardy, Labeouf, and Jason Clarke) during the 1930s. Unlike HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, which gives us an inside look at upper-class bootlegging, Lawless takes us into where the alcohol originates: in the country. The story isn’t that bad, giving the audience a different look to the bootlegging scene. But, you don’t really know where the movie’s going until it’s there, which, I guess, is the storyline’s only con.

Director John Hillcoat does a really good job in this film. The acting was in fact pretty good, with Shia Labeouf giving us a good performance, and a short but meaningful appearence by Gary Oldman. Guy Pearce delivers us the bad guy that everyone will hate. But, Tom Hardy’s performance was better than both. Hardy plays the invincible Forrest Bondurant, proving that he was born to play the role of the badass. The supporting cast also did a good job, giving us a movie with a good overall performance.

There’s something about a gangster movie set in the atmosphere of a western that would attract a lot of curious watchers. The movie is in fact good and enjoyable. Yet, a slightly better storyline would have risen the movie to be a brilliant one.

Rating: 7/10 IMDb rating: 7.3/10


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