Midnight in Paris (2011)


Full of French culture and art, Midnight in Paris is Woody Allen’s love letter to Paris. From the opening montage of lush, picturesque Parisian scenes, you can realize Allen’s fascination by the city of lights. This is such a good movie, with no dull or boring moments, no clichés, and not a single cheesy scene.

While visiting Paris with his fiancé and her family, a nostalgic screenwriter trying to write a novel, Gil (Owen Wilson), finds himself going back to the era he loved, every day at midnight. He then meets great artist of the 20s, and grows even more fond of that era.

Woody Allen brilliantly illustrated the magic we feel at midnight, that special and mystical feeling. In fact, in the marvelous Midnight in Paris, that impact is fully realized, as we see our protagonist reaching his desires and fascinations when the clock rings midnight. So, unlike the dull shallow movies we know, this one really has an artistic vision, truly expressing feelings and emotions.

Even though the film is set in many time periods, Paris was magnificent and sublime, glowing intensely and seductively in every single one of them. And that is why Midnight in Paris deserves a chapeau bas.

However, that wasn’t the only thing that can be loved in the movie. The music, the artists, and the writers were extremely well drawn that you can actually feel that you were a part of the 20s. And that was the result of great acting and brilliant directing. In fact, the actors did a great job, with the magnificent Marion Cotillard stealing every scene she was in. And Owen Wilson’s performance was a real surprise, giving us one of the best performances of his career, and personally, I thought that he was perfect for the role. The supporting cast was also terrific, and the actors did a really great job portraying their different-era characters.

So I can say without any hesitation, that Midnight in Paris is a brilliant movie. Lovers of the city will love it, and culture seekers will appreciate what the movie has to offer, and of course, if you have your own Golden Age fantasy, I guarantee you 1 hour 33 minutes of entertainement. With great performances, a charming story line, and magnificent directing, Midnight in Paris is terrific movie that should be watched and appreciated by a large audience.

Rating: 8.2/10 IMDb rating: 7.7/10


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