The Man With The Iron Fists (2012)


From its catch phrase, you can realize how cheesy and cheap The Man With The Iron Fists is. And you’re not mistaken. This movie is a simple waste of time, and cheap attempt to create a Kung Fu movie. I don’t know what RZA was thinking when he thought that he can be a good screen writer and director.

The Man With The Iron Fists is the story of how a blacksmith (RZA), a British soldier(Russell Crowe), a band of warriors, and assassins, get involved in the hunt of the kings treasure. Now, the blacksmith is that humble man who minds his own business, but he starts fighting only to protect his Jungle village. You can see how cheesy the story is right? And the fact that everyone has his own original weapons made the story even more awful.

As mentioned earlier, this is a cheap movie, with horrible screenplay and awful visual effects. It’s obvious that no effort was put into The Man With The Iron Fists because the visual effects are shitty from beginning to end, the directing was lame and so unoriginal, and more than 40 minutes were literally useless in the movie (not talking about the movie being a total waste of time). Not to mention the hideous costumes, make up, and hairstyles. Really disgusting.

The actors were terrible, specially RZA. No actor did the job he should have done the way it should have been done. That’s precisely why I was so disappointed in Russell Crowe, why would a great actor like him even accept to be in a shitty movie like this one? But again, I think he realized how horrible the movie is so he didn’t break a sweat for it.

As for the director, writer, actor, music maker, RZA, then I want to say that this guy should be sued for making such a terrible movie. I mean come on dude, you make soundtracks, so stick with it. You proved yourself to be an awful director and a more dreadful screenwriter. Let’s not talk about your acting because we all know how bad it is. He obviously overestimates himself, thinking that he can make a kung fu movie half as good as Kung Fu Hustle.

I really can’t understand why the movie says “Tarantino presents”, but don’t be fooled, it’s nothing near Tarantino movies. The Man With The Iron Fists is a total waste of time, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch it. Not in the cinemas, not on TV, not anywhere.

Rating: 2/10 IMDb rating: 5.5/10


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