Life of Pi (2012)


I wish I had watched Life of Pi in theaters. Now I can honestly say that it deserved the Oscars it won. Its story is astonishing, extremely deep, and really touching. I expected a visual masterpiece, but I thought that the movie will be more or less shallow. Life of Pi is not. It’s extremely deep, with a philosophical view of religion and truth. However, it’s still has the same amount of entertainment that any good movie can offer.

The movie starts with The Writer (Rafe Spall) interviewing the adult Pi Patel (Irrfan Khan) about his life, and about his adventure with Richard Parker. So Pi tells him the main events of his childhood and how he was introduced to God. He then tells him about his story, when a shipwreck cause young Pi (Suraj Sharma) to stay on an emergency boat with a Bengal tiger.

Ang Lee did a great job, totally worth the Oscar he’s won. Therefore the movie was extremely well crafted, with everything being in its right place and right time. Yann Martel (novel) and David Magee (screenplay) gave us an awesome story, as mentioned above.

The visual effects were astonishing, almost everything was CG, but you could almost swear the animals were real. However, not only the computer generated animals gave the film its magic, but the scenery and the ocean were nothing less than beautiful. So Life of Pi is without a doubt a visual masterpiece, and it really brought us artistic paintings, with the sublime lights everywhere.

The performance was also great. Irrfan Khan played his part perfectly, narrating the story and giving us a man who’s been through a lot in his life. And Suraj Sharma was also really good, portraying a young man and his will to survive.

So, I can say that Life of Pi is an astonishing movie, who deserved every award it has won. A visual masterpiece, a deep and touching story, great directing and performance, it’s a movie that will please the eyes and hearts of all of its watchers.

Rating: 9/10 IMDb rating: 8.2/10


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