The Walking Dead (2010-)


Being a zombie movie lover, the first idea that crossed my mind when I first heard of The Walking Dead was: “Zombies? Cool! But common I can’t watch the same thing over and over again.” I mean, what do you expect except killing zombies? A 2 hours movie about that can be fun, but a whole series will get boring at a certain point. But that wasn’t the case. The series is in fact about kicking zombie ass, but it also has a lot of other elements that you can enjoy. Unlike zombie movies, The Walking Dead focuses more about the characters emotions and acceptance towards the fact that everyone they ever loved is now dead. And it focuses on their reactions towards other people they meet.

To sum up the synopsis, this is the story of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who wakes up after a long coma to find himself in a post apocalyptic world filled with walking dead people. The action starts then, and Rick starts to meet other survivors. You’ll love some of the characters, especially Deryl (Norman Reedus), and hate others, like Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies).

The first two seasons are average, not so good not so bad, because basically, every 2-3 episodes are based on the same idea, then everything changes. However, it starts getting real good after the 10th episode of season 2. From there on, it’s a rollercoaster ride filled with solid material.

It’s a job well-done by director Frank Darabont. With a really good performance, since every actor highlighted his character’s personality and acceptance to the situation. So basically, the main actors and the supporting cast did a good job, which was pleasantly surprising, because as I earlier mentioned, when you watch a zombie movie, you don’t expect anything but zombie ass-kicking.

Not to forget that the zombies were extremely well designed to look very realistic. And details like that can make you like this series even more. And of course the area was also well built, so imagining this post apocalyptic world won’t be so hard on the watcher.

As an overall review, I can say that The Walking Dead is a really good series, that isn’t all about zombies. Many people can watch it, and not only zombie lovers. Way better than the Resident Evil movies, I think it’s the perfect thing to watch if you want to picture a realistic zombie apocalypse. This Golden Globe nominee will give you 50 minutes of entertainment per episode.

Just a piece of advice, don’t get too attached to the characters.


One thought on “The Walking Dead (2010-)

  1. Love this review 🙂 Just started watching the second season, and I really find it entertaining. But here’s my complaint: how can Daryl be your favorite character? Honestly I hate him. Plus Lori is my favorite character (I read that she gets killed off in season 3, which sucks). Overall, great review 🙂


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