Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)


Between all the retellings of childhood stories (The shitty SnowWhite and the Hauntsman and Red Riding Hood), the retelling of Jack and The Beanstalk is without a doubt the best.

As the movie title indicates, Jack (Nicholas Hoult) is a poor farmer’s boy who finds himself on a journey to fight the legendary giants and rescue princess Isabelle (Eleanor Tomlinson), who gets lost in the giants’ land. He goes with an expedition led by Elmont (Ewan McGregor).

The story wasn’t bad, but it was a little too fast, and a lot of events happened in such a little time. It was fun, but it didn’t have this strong storyline that would make it a great movie. However, it wasn’t childish, it’s a light story that doesn’t need your full attention all the time, but it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The movie’s visuals were pretty impressive, and the directing was good. The 3D effect, though, was very bad. So technically, you’re not missing anything if you don’t watch it in theaters. The performances were pleasing, the actors were good for their roles, and they did a good enough job. Ewan McGregor did well even without his lightsaber, and you’ll love him in this movie aswell.

So basically, Jack the Giant Slayer isn’t the disaster some people claimed to be, but it wasn’t brilliant as well. An average movie, that can be watched and enjoyed. And let’s hope that the next retelling of an old story is a little similar to this one, and not as bad as the ones before.

Rating: 6.8/10


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