Iron Man 3 (2013)


Even though coming up with a third movie for the Iron Man franchise wasn’t hard, making it as good as the first movie was the real challenge here. Since the first sequel wasn’t that great, people were kind of worried about the new movie being a mess. Not to forget The Avengers, that was without a doubt one of the best superhero movies I have ever seen. So what should we expect in Iron Man 3? Would it be related to the Avengers in any way? Would it be half as good as the first Iron Man movie? Well, to start with, the story isn’t directly related to The Avengers, however, Iron Man 3 reminded us of all the fun we had watching the first Iron Man, for it was a fun ride from beginning to end.

The story kicks off with a flashback, and then gets to the actual time where Stark (Robert Downey Junior) was more or less obsessed with his suits, spending most of his time in his workshop and having anxiety problems because of his New York experience. At the same time, the country was dealing with a terrorist mastermind that goes by the name of the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), who’s been giving the US “lessons” through his attacks. The action starts when Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) meets a scientist called Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce). Now even though the movie may sound a little patriotic, involving terrorists and stuff, but it’s not a movie about saving the US and being an international hero.

Robert Downey Junior was charming as always, bringing us a perfectly portrayed Tony Stark once again, with all the sarcastic and humorous reactions we love him for. Guy Pearce was good as always, and suited his role just fine. And last but not least, Ben Kingsley was terrific, totally surprising and this was definitely a new use of the guy’s talent. Director Shane Black did a decent job, and the best thing about his work in Iron Man 3 was the funny scenes and the humor added to a fully action-packed movie.

To sum up, Iron Man 3 was a pretty good movie, giving us all we expect in a superhero movie; the action, the hero, the villain, the humor, and a decent story. However, it kind of lacked something that was found in the first Iron Man and in the Avengers. I don’t know what yet, but it did. So basically, Iron Man 3 is a good movie to watch, extremely entertaining, and it’s definitely another job well done for Marvel Studios.

N.B: Don’t forget to wait for the post credits scene.

Rating: 7.7/10


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