Game: Backward movies!

Just today, a fellow tweep and I started this game. It’s simple: you just recite a movie backwards.

Here are some tweets that were posted:


So this is a fun for all film buffs. You guys can post your movies in the comments below. Let’s hope we all enjoy this!


13 thoughts on “Game: Backward movies!

  1. Fight Club: it is about a guy who gets shot and then discovers that he has a double personallity, then he meets tyler durden, but due to a fire in his appartment he goes to support group and discovers that he has insomnia


  2. Little red riding hood: A little girl knocks a wolf up.
    The wolf gives birth to an old lady, the little girl can’t handle the stress so she moves back to her parents’ house.


  3. If you watch sound of music backward it’s about a women who gets sick and tired of listenning to a bunch of children sing so she decides to become a nun.


  4. The sorcerer’s apprentice: An apprentice in sorcery completes his mission but wants a normal life again. He visits a mysterious antique store where he puts his magic ring back to its place and then turns into a 10 year-old kid.


  5. The curious case of Benjamin Button: normal guys is born with health problems and later falls in love and has a baby with his pedophile care taker but other than that leads a pretty normal life


  6. Perfume : jean baptiste grenouille murders prostitutes and girls to extract their smell and make perfume out of them and reborns under a fish market’s table .


  7. Public enemies : john Dillinger gets shot on his way out of the movies decides to rob banks falls in love sneaks out of jail


  8. Fightclub: blow up manhattan , shoots himself , burn down apartment , goes to therapy groups … Repeat


  9. Natural born killers : couple escape from prison , assassinate every possible human being , gets raped by her father and he gets beaten up


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