The Lego Star Wars life-sized X-wing!

Anyone who has watched any news channel in any country has probably already seen the life-sized Lego X-wing, exposed in Times Square by Lego Star Wars. A life-sized  X-wing (a spacefighter used by the Rebel Forces) built using 5 MILLION legos! Can you guys believe that? It’s a new world record. Someone has had some free time lately and decided to build this, but common that’s awesome. Not to forget the Lego Star Wars characters!

Here are some pictures of the expo:





The best part about this is that it’s not just for show, Lego Star Wars built this to promote the new Star Wars LEGO three animated TV specials about Yoda, called The Yoda Chronicles. A thrilling, funny and action packed series that stars the one and only Jedi Master Yoda, who leads some of his fresh class Padawans to stop Darth Sidious and his allies from building a new super weapon that would crush the Republic. Now if this half as good as the Clone Wars series currently happening on Cartoon Network, then it will surely be entertaining and enjoyed by all Star Wars fans.

So in addition the Clone Wars series and the upcoming Star Wars movies, we have this. Can they make us Star Wars fans any happier? Let’s hope for the best!


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