Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)


With Star Trek: Into Darkness, JJ Abrams prove himself to be one of the best sci-fi directors. The follow up to 2009’s Star Trek was a sleek, thrilling epic, with spectacular special effects and superbly crafted action sequences. Even though some people say that Star Trek: Into Darkness’ storyline isn’t as creative as Star Trek’s, that’s not the case here. Okay we don’t have the time travel awesomeness of the first movie, but this one has other ideas that will please us just the same.

The real storyline starts like 20 minutes into the movie, (the first 20 minutes were fun though), after an explosion destroys the archives center of Starfleet in London.  A man then attacks the Starfleet headquarters, which gets Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) seeking revenge, leading his Enterprise in a manhunt all the way to a war-zone world.

And as I already said, JJ Abrams did a decent job. The movie was pretty well crafted and all the scenes were enjoyable. He gave us good fighting scenes, good spaceships battles, and even though his relatively funny scenes weren’t that good, but they did their job in reducing the tension in certain scenes. The screenplay was also pretty good, but the movie could definitely use less dramatic moments.

The cast was the same as the first movie’s, and everyone did a good enough job in this one as well. In addition, the newly added impressing member, Benedict Cumberbatch, fit his role perfectly and gave us Khan to be hated or loved. And Alice Eve was hot as hell.  Not to forget Leonard Nimoy, the Spoke from the original movies, adds some value to the chosen cast. Oh and by the way ladies, Chris Hemsworth was in the movie, you can all rush into the theatres now.

To sum up, Star Trek: Into Darkness was a decent sequel to a decent movie. JJ Abrams really kicked it in this one, and got us Star Wars fan more excited for the upcoming Star Wars movie (check my article here).

Rating: 7.8/10


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