Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)


Tongue-in-cheek satire blends well with entertaining action and spot-on performances in this dark, eclectic neo-noir movie starring Robert Downey Junior and Val Kilmer.

The movie takes off as an alley thief (Robert Downey Junior) who accidentally finds himself in LA for a test screening, and then ends up knee-deep in a murder plot after he and Gay Perry (Val Kilmer) try out some private detective stuff. The story thickens as his high school sweetheart (Michelle Monaghan) gets involved and everything goes to hell. The movie contains a lot of mysteries, but nothing is really hard to get, all you need to do is focus on the little details.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is the result of some good directing by Shane Black combined with decent performance by the actors. The whole cast clicks together perfectly, and the charisma between the terrific Robert Downey Junior and Val Kilmer made the movie a whole lot better. The best part about this film noir homage is the complete absence of dramatic scenes, and the excess of some hilarious dark-humor jokes. I literally laughed out loud excessively through out the movie.

Slick, sassy, and completely hilarious, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is as fun as the name indicates. It’s definitely an underrated movie and one to watch by everyone who appreciates some good sense of humor and a noir thriller.

Rating: 7.9/10; Amusingly verbose movie with the thrill everyone likes.


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