An upcoming Batman and Superman movie!

You can all start drooling and hyperventilating now. It’s official; DC and Warner Bros. are going to make a Batman and Superman movie. At a Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con Saturday, the studio announced that Henry Cavill, the star of this summer’s Man of Steel, will reprise the role of Superman in a sequel that will also feature Batman.


All we know so far is that Zack Snyder will direct the movie, Henry Cavill will be Superman. No casting for Batman has been mentioned, but Christian Bale denied any affiliations with the movie. Also, Snyder teased that the relationship between our two superheroes may be based on Frank Miller’s seminal 1980s comic: The Dark Knight Returns.

Now, this is great. This is just great. We all love Superman and we all love Batman. We all loved their team-ups in the animated movies (like The Batman Superman Movie: World’s Finest). It really is a shame that we won’t see the same Batman as Nolan’s trilogy though, but again, Nolan’s universe is too realistic for Superman and the-may-be-upcoming DC movies. And on the other hand, even though the possibility of a Justice League movie (read article here) is still on the table, we now know for sure that it won’t be anytime soon, probably not before 2017.



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