Red 2 (2013)


Much like Red, Red 2 is another joke movie by DC Entertainment. Only this time, the joke is better. And unlike The Expendables franchise, this grouping of old actors isn’t one big mistake.

The movie stars Bruce Willis and John Malkovich as two retired CIA agents who are being chased by the CIA and MI6 over something called Nightshade.  With a bullseye on their heads, the two, accompanied by Frank’s (Willis) wife (Mary-Louise Parker), find out that Nightshade was a Cold-War-operation they took part of without knowing.

The plot is predictable in every way especially that it’s very similar to Red, but the funny dialogue and the fast-pace action was the key to the movie’s fun, credit goes to director Dean Parisot. Well, that and the good performances brought to us by the well loved cast: Bruce Willis was the same old Bruce Willis, Malkovich was hilarious as ever, Mary-Louise Parker and Katherine Zeta Jones’ performances were impressive, but Anthony Hopkins was going for the Oscar.

With a light plot, no dramatic intensity, and a lot of laughs and smiles, Red 2 may not be one of 2013’s best but it certainly is fun to watch by a large set of audience.

Rating: 7.0/10; Laughs and bullets… a hilarious action flick.


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