Attack on Titan: the anime to watch

To all of you Dragon Ball Z lovers, Hunter X Hunter fans, and all anime enthusiasts, there’s a new anime in town and it is one of the best. Perfectly well drawn, with a kick-ass story line, excessive violence, and a certain level of maturity, Attack on Titan now ranks as one of my favorite animes and is without a doubt a must-watch.


ImageIn Attack on Titan, we find ourselves in a world where humans are terrorized and forced to retreat into a system of concentric Walls by giant humanoids known as Titans. The story kicks off as a giant 60 meter Titan destroys the first Wall, and allows titans to enter the human cities and eat everyone inside. The protagonist here is Eren Jaeger, his sibling Mikasa Ackerman, and their friend Armin Artlet, who join the army to fight off human extinction.

The story is full of surprises and mysteries, as the nature of the Titans and almost everything related to them is still unknown to humans. So prepare yourself to be mind-blown over and over again as the episodes go by. Also, the story is not childish at all, as it is full of deaths, sacrifices, and everything war-related. My personal favorite things about the series is how their focus on the details, and how everything is well built-up and prepared. Thus basically, the story is awesome, and the fight scenes and excessive bloody violence is extremely fun to watch.


With Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama may have written his name next to Akira Toriyama’s and other great anime creators. This is the must-watch anime of the year.


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