Now You See Me (2013)


When people start babbling about a movie and refer to it as “amazing” and so, one doesn’t know what to expect: either the movie is truly great, or it’s just one hell of a mistake. None of those was the case here, as Now You See Me isn’t the great movie people said it was, but it wasn’t a bad one either.

The movie follows the story of four magicians who rob a bank while performing a show, and the FBI and Interpol agents chasing them. This is all I can say to avoid any spoilers.

I appreciate director Louis Leterrier and the writers’ ambition, and the good assembled cast from Morgan Freeman to Mark Ruffalo, but the movie still has a lot of flaws. One, Louis Leterrier tried to make you feel as if you were truly watching a live performance, by moving the camera everywhere and keeping quick-paced scenes, and it was actually fun the first 10 minutes, but it got me dizzy over the 105 minutes movie run-time. Second, the whole story was actually quick-paced, which lead to all the characters being underdeveloped: I really didn’t know anything about the four magicians’ personalitie except that Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) was a control freak, and that’s only because they mention it in the movie. The third and most important mistake was the predictable twist: anyone who’s seen Nolan movies, especially The Prestige and Memento, would agree that this movie’s twist was lame and not-at-all original. Strike 3, you’re out!

I’m sorry, Now You See Me was nice to watch, but with all the dizziness and the wannabe twist, I don’t think I’ll be watching it again anytime soon. It was fun to see a talented cast though, and that’s the only thing I really liked about the movie. Well, that and the beautiful Mélanie Laurent.

Rating: 6../10. Ambitious, but far from being a gripping thrill ride.


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