This Is The End (2013)


If you’re a fan of the Pineapple Express crew and the modern American comedy stars, then This Is The End is your wet dream. As for myself, then I didn’t expect much and I didn’t get much. It’s a funny movie, with multiple laughs and funny moments, but it’s not one that’d really sink in deep within you. It lacked charm and inspiration, but again, that’s not what the movie is for.

Here, the characters are the actors. Seth Rogen meets Jay Baruchel and takes him to a James Franco party where they see Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Emma Watson (best thing about the movie), and many more. Then a party-pooper-earthquake hits LA, ruins the party, and people die.

I’m not going to talk about performances, for the actors are the same as any of their movies; stupid potheads who curse a lot and do what idiots do. The whole movie is déjà-vus, jokes from all the actors’ previous movies are used here, funny jokes, but old ones whatsoever. I laughed, many times, but the movie had a little more than a few dull moments.

This Is The End is funny, juvenile, idiotic, and everything Rogen and his team have already delivered. I enjoyed most of it, but I didn’t finish with a smile on my face. That’s the Rogen-Franco effect I guess.

Rating: 6.0/10; It will make you laugh, but won’t sink in any deeper. 


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