The Kings of Summer (2013)


Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ debut on the big screen, The Kings of Summer (née Toy’s House), is a coming of age comedy with all the right mixes and emotions, that manages to charm its watcher, and catch the teenage spirit, unlike all those R-rated movies about horny teens.

This is the story of three 15 year-olds who decide to run away from their parents’ houses and live in the woods. They build a house, swear an oath, go “hunting”, gathering, make a fire, etc. We also see, of course, a love story between some characters. And the movie doesn’t get any more complicated than that.

The Kings of Summer is a charming, hilarious, and even stylish work, proving its indie director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to be very promising. The movie had all the right elements, from the profound understanding of the friendship between two teenage boys to the simple laughs after a midnight swim. And although it had its not-so-fun share of drama, the movie still managed to repay us in laughs, smiles, and some really gorgeous scenery. I also enjoyed watching the actors perform, especially Moises Arias and Nick Offerman who made me laugh hysterically at some points. Another thing worth mentioning is the movie’s beautiful soundtrack, with MGMT’s The Youth, The Band Played On by Eugene Cordero, Land Trunt by Ryan Miller, and the rest.

Indie filmmaking still manages to pull off some beautiful movies like The Kings of Summer, that’s probably a little undernourished to be a comedy classic, but is one of the best this year. I’d recommend to everyone.

Rating: 8.0/10. A hilarious coming-of-age teenage comedy with an awesome soundtrack. 


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