American Hustle (2013)


You know it’s a David O. Russell movie when you constantly hear the question “What are you talking about?”, and you know it’s a good one when it’s American Hustle. Yes, he’s done it last year with Silver Linings Playbook and he’s done it this year with American Hustle.

This one is about a conman, Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) , his “British” mistress and partner, Sydney (Amy Adams), and how they end up working with FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper) to bust a few corrupt politicians and clear their own names.

American Hustle is ridiculously funny and surprisingly alive. It has the 70’s feel, corrupt politicians, mobsters, conmen, a disco-era love story, and a Robert De Niro cameo. David O. Russell is at the top of his game, giving us the same brilliance he gave in Silver Linings, only this time the movie felt like a beautiful mess, a rollercoaster ride that never slows down until it ends. A pleasant addition was the picture and sound mixture O. Russell used in this one, giving a certain elegancy to the movie, an elegancy that goes a long way in my opinion. To complete the picture, actors were top-notch. We had a charming Christian Bale and Amy Adams, a crazy yet breathtaking Jennifer Lawrence, and some chemical reaction between Bradley Cooper and Louis CK that would make you laugh hysterically and want to repeat scenes.

American Hustle has this charm that sticks with you even after the credits are finished. It’s one of the best this year, and David O. Russell’s best ever. Do yourself a favor and go watch it. You deserve it.

Rating: 8.5/10. An electrical cast, a talented director, a fantastic sense of humor, and a must see movie. 


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