Frozen (2013)


It’s no wonder that with all the disappointments of the year, more than a few animated movies still managed to entertain us. And Frozen may be Disney‘s best since Cars (one of my personal favorites).

When Elsa (Idina Menzel) is to be crowned as queen, she loses control over her magic, runs away from her kingdom after laying it in everlasting winter. But her optimistic sister Anna (Kristen Bell) teams up with Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) and a snowman, Olaf (Josh Gad), to go bring Elsa back.

Frozen had many elements to be loved; the original and actually interesting story line stood out from the dull repetitive Dinsey plots, the beautiful animations were good to look at, and decent comedy always gives value to any movie. (Olaf was hilarious)

I’d say Frozen was a nice surprise this year. I enjoyed it and I’d recommend it to people of all ages. We all like a decent animated feature every once in a while, don’t we?

Rating: 7.5/10. Dinsey’s best animated feature since Cars.


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