Dallas Buyers Club (2013)


It’s always nice to see a very promising actor finally prove himself just like Mathew McConaughey did in this one. Not much can be said to introduce Dallas Buyers Club but the fact that its real value lies in the brilliant performances the actors give us.

This is the true story of Ron Woodroof (Mathew McConaughey), a man who, after being diagnosed HIV positive, works around the system to get the medication necessary for AIDS patients.

As I said, not much can be said about Dallas Buyers Club. It is a combination of good directing and very good editing that manages to keep a movie heading towards characters’ deaths alive. I say it can get us to empathize with AIDS patients, but it doesn’t really go deep enough. But what does go a long way is the performances of McConaughey and Jared Letto. Letto, who plays a transsexual, manages to fool everyone into thinking he may actually be a girl. As for McConaughey, then this is a defining moment in his career. His charming portrayal of a dying man gave the movie all the sentimentality it was seeking to show: Mathew showed hope in time of despair, disappointment in the face of great effort, and sadness as death draws closer and closer. And to top these two performances, both actors had to go through impressive physical transformations: Letto, well, it’s obvious what he had to endure, and Mathew lost 38 pounds to play this role. (You can compare his shape to 2012’s Mud)

Dallas Buyers Club didn’t sink in the way I’d hoped it would, and it kind of left me unsatisfied. This is the thing with true stories, they do that sometimes. However, McConaughey makes the movie worth you while as he proves he’s one of the best in Hollywood today.

Rating: 7.5/10. The movie left me unsatisfied, but McConaugey left with a homerun. 


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