The Best 15 Movies of 2013

There’s no doubt Hollywood wasn’t very generous during this year of disappointments, but a few movies managed to stand out from the rest and remind us what good moviemaking is all about. Here’s my take on this year’s top 15 films:

15- The World’s End


The third installment in Edgar Wright’s comedy trilogy featuring dynamite duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. It may not have been better than its predecessors, but I loved it enough to consider it one of the best comedies of the year. (review)

14- Gravity


Some might argue about this movie’s position as 14th, but Gravity was a soulless movie. However, what it lacked in spirit it made up in brilliant directing and breathtaking visuals. It’s a must-see. (review)

13- Star Trek: Into Darkness


With its awesome visuals, charismatic cast, and witty plot, Star Trek Into Darkness surpassed 2009’s Star Trek (even though I loved that one too). Watching this movie gave me hope that we won’t regret watching the new Star Wars installments directed by JJ Abrams.(review)

12- Prisoners


This one is a thriller with all the right elements. It’s dark enough, realistic, and has Hugh Jackman in his best form. It wouldn’t have been fair if it didn’t make the list. (review)

11- Man of Steel


You may tell me Man of Steel doesn’t deserve to be in the top 15, but being the big comic book fan I am, and after 2009’s Watchmen, I think Zach Snyder’s proved himself to be the master of superhero movies. He made me love Superman again. (review)

10- The Spectacular Now


As far as romances go, none, in the past few years, has made me feel the way this one did. I am now convinced we can still get good romantic dramas out of Hollywood. Everyone, especially fans of the gender, should watch The Spectacular Now. (review)

9- The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Although I saw big potential in the first Hunger Games, I wasn’t a fan. But with a new director and a far more gripping story, I loved this one and it kept me eager for the next two. (review)

8- Blue Jasmine


Woody Allen is back on track and this is his best in years. But the true gem of the movie is Cate Blanchett who deserves all the awards she’s getting for her outstanding performance. A must watch. (review)

7- American Hustle


Like many of you out there, I too think American Hustle is getting more awards than it deserves. But it is probably the best David O. Russell movie and it is one my favorites this year.(review)

6- The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


The Lord of The Rings was basically my childhood, and although The Hobbit movies are no equal, they still fascinate me. Visuals are great, Middle Earth never looked better, and the comedy is outstanding. I didn’t want to review any of The Hobbit movies so check out Anis Tabet’s review here.

5- Rush


Racing movies never lingered deep enough for me, but Rush was something else. It’s a gripping biography with all the right elements in which Ron Howard proved he can rock at biographies (with Frost/Nixon on his resume). I loved it and I’d say it’s a must-watch racing film. (review)

4- The Wolf of Wall Street


Scorsese is doing comedy and he’s brilliant. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio delivers the most charismatic performance of his career. Watch it. (review)

3- 12 Years A Slave


This movie can easily be called a great one. It’s a very powerful movie with everything in it done right. It also has Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender! A masterpiece. (review)

2- Inside Llewyn Davis


I watched this one four times in two days, and it kept on getting better and better. I can never get bored watching it. Not to mention the magnificent soundtrack. It could’ve easily been number one on the list… (review)

1- Her


… if it wasn’t for Her. This is the best movie of the year. And the choice wasn’t hard to make. Spike Jonze changed sci-fi as you know it, drew you into the movie, made it all happen inside your own head, and portrayed our relationship with the machine in the best way possible. Her simply spoke to me, and it’s a truly unforgettable movie.(review)


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