Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

As someone who grew up watching the animated Transformers series, I was absolutely thrilled about a movie franchise, especially after the decent enough 2007’s Transformers. However, it all went down with Revenge of the Fallen, and I haven’t been expecting anything ever since. Age of Extinction isn’t the franchise’s redemption rather than another installment that Michael Bay ruined.

This time, the story follows an inventor (Mark Walberg), and his daughter (Nicola Peltz), who happens to find a broken truck that happens to be an injured Optimus Prime. Meanwhile, the Autobots are being hunt down by a special force sent by the CIA.

I know how cheesy the plot sounds, but like many movies with this same idea, Age of Extinction could have just pulled it off. However, when things could’ve gotten interesting making us ask ourselves why the Government is after the Autobots, Michael Bay just kills all form of suspense by simply showing us every single thing that happens with every single character. And that’s only the first thing I didn’t like about the movie.

Second, while the franchise is named after the robots, Michael Bay focuses on the dad/daughter drama much, much more than he focuses on the robots. Personally, I find the transformers pretty cool, and the movie would’ve been far better if we were actually told who were the new Autobots, when did they get to earth, and most importantly, what’s the story behind Optimus, Grimlock, and the Knights. Instead, we were taught the Romeo and Juliette law allowing Peltz’ character to date an older guy. That’s how ridiculous Michael Bay is getting.

Speaking of which, I’ll be calling him Michael Cheese from now on, because the amount of clichés in this movie might’ve hit a world record. Whether it was parts of the plot, like the, again, father/daughter relationship, or quotes like “Honor to the end” and the one where Optimus tells Cade Yeager to look at the stars and imagine his soul or something (you’ll know it when you hear it). And seriously, when did Optimus Prime become a loud mouth?

And, what’s up with the Autobots’ new appearences? They are alien robots, so why does one of them have a belly and beard (although this one turned out to be cool), while another has a Chinese accent and dresses like a Samurai? Please explain to me what Michael Cheese was thinking when he added them to his movie. And unfortunately, Lockdown was an interesting villain who was totally wasted in this very weak story line, along with Bumblebee and Crosshairs(The coolest Autobots).

Something else I’d like to point out is how pathetic I think Michael Cheese is, naming his main character, Yeager, after the kick-ass robots of Pacific Rim. Like that was going to save this movie.

Having said all that, the only way one can watch this movie is going in expecting nothing, enjoying the outstanding visuals, and going out remembering nothing.

The Verdict

Michael Bay, now known as Michael Cheese, ruined the Transformers franchise since its second installment, and he’s not trying to get on the right track. Age of Extinction had some promising elements, like the cool new Autobots or the badass Lockdown, but decided to focus more on the extremely uninteresting human characters, and wasted everything that could’ve made this movie better with a remarkably story-telling. I love Transformers, but unless we can get a reboot with some decent writers and directors, I just want the franchise to stop.

Rating: 4.0/10. It’s all Michael Bay’s fault.

NB: The screenshots I’ve chosen were the shots I liked best, so don’t expect the whole movie to look that good.

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