Entourage (2015)

Note: I have not seen but a couple of episodes of the HBO show.

The movie star is finally a movie star. And though Vincent Chase and his entourage have upgraded their daily adventures from TV to cinema, the adaptation of HBO’s cult-favorite Entourage series comes as an extended episode that would please the fans and maybe interest the new-comers.

Picking off where the series ended, Entourage sees Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), E (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara), Drama (Kevin Dillon) and Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) each follow their own adventures while working on Vincent’s huge-budget directorial debut.

It’s no surprise the movie does not have a concrete plot, but it’s still a downside. Though this procedure works wonders in TV comedies, it does not exactly have that same allure when it comes to cinema. The many subplots divided between the characters are bound to lose the viewer’s attention sooner than later and watching can even get to the point of painful. Luckily, this one movie is indeed based on a TV show so viewers should not worry about that latter part.

In fact, writer and director Doug Ellin bases his movie too much on the series it’s adapted from that he forgets to, or intentionally avoids, bringing anything new to the table. That, however, means a treat for the fans who are only watching the movie to see the characters they love do a little more of what they do best, which, in this case, is bro-ing out.

That said, Entourage does have its share of fun. Old and funny jokes mix to give some not-so-bad comedy and moments which the audience can enjoy. Beats me why watching rich people enjoy a much better life than ours is entertaining, but it is, and for that, Entourage does not fall too low.

The characters are also fun and likable, enough to make one consider watching the series just to know them a little better. That, combined with the much needed man-power the cast throws in, gives the movie just enough momentum to not be hated by the viewers unfamiliar with the show.

The Verdict

Entourage is everything one would expect from the big screen adaptation of the series. It has fun characters, cool jokes and is ever loyal to the material it is based on. No one would actually find it a waste of energy by the time the credits start rolling, but, all in all, Entourage is nothing more than an extended episode of the series that would look better on TV than in cinemas.

Rating: 6.0/10. Vincent and his Entourage bro out just a little longer.


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