A life of movies

It all started with Spirited Away.

At the age of two, my mother took me to my first cinema screening, but it was a couple of years later that I fell completely for film.

When I went in expecting a cartoon and went out amazed by a masterpiece.

I still remember watching Spirited Away in cinemas. I was, I’d say, around four to five years old and the movie was showing in french. I went in there not knowing what this movie will mean. It was the first time I feel that fire in me after I watch a near perfect film.

And I’ve been watching movies non-stop ever since.

If I’m not at the movies, I’m watching on my laptop. Days that go by without me watching a film or episodes of a series are basically nonexistent.

I still have a long way to go. I can hopefully be making my own films one day, but until that day is upon us, I’ll make sure I learn what I can by reviewing other people’s work.


5 thoughts on “A life of movies

  1. Do you cry over movies ? Where do you usually sit when you go to the cinema ? Favorite popcorn flavor? Can we be friends ? Hai


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